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A Message from IRETA’s Board Chair I generally do not find it difficult to remain focused on IRETA’s core mission. Unhealthy substance use and addiction do not fall off my radar; I see their effects all around me. But on two specific occasions during the last year, I had the opportunity to connect deeply with […]

Renewal Recidivism Infographic 8.27.14

IRETA recently completed a program evaluation of the Level 3C Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program at Renewal, Inc. Located here in Pittsburgh, Renewal, Inc. is a nonprofit that provides alternative housing and community corrections services for individuals in Allegheny County, State of Pennsylvania, and Federal justice systems. The main question the program evaluation sought to answer was […]


Tracking progress on our home state’s efforts to modernize our PDMP On October 27, Pennsylvania passed a law that will modernize our prescription drug monitoring program and undoubtedly save lives. However, implementation will be even more complex than the lengthy legislative process we’ve already seen. We’ll continue to share information about our PDMP as the […]

Credit: Arvind Grover

“You were the first-ever president of the student recovery group at Penn State University,” I said to a woman I’ll call Sarah. “That meant you were one of the first people to talk publicly about your own addiction in a university with almost 100,000 undergraduate students. And you were only 21 years old. How did that feel?” […]

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In IRETA’s newest online training, Introduction to SBIRT for Adolescents, pediatrician Sharon Levy talks about brain development, marijuana, and SBIRT as a strategy to curb teen substance use The good news, according to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, is that alcohol and substance use is trending downward among American adolescents. In 2013, among youths […]

Putting the Puzzle Together. Credit: Ken Teegardin

Sort of amazingly, research on SBIRT for risky substance use in mental health settings is scant. That’s why we’re excited about a large randomized clinical trial that UCLA kicked off last year. SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment) is an evidence-based public health approach to identifying and providing brief counseling for those who use alcohol or other […]


What is this S-B-I-R-T? Why do you keep using it like I’m supposed to know what it means? We hate to admit it, but it’s our tendency to throw around a lot of…jargon. Okay, it’s true. SAMHSA this, NAADAC that. CBT, MAT, ATTC. ROSC, which of course we pronounce rosk. NIAAA, which those of us in the know call N-I […]


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